stainless steel, wood (at Arolsen only), soil, geotextile fabric, internal irrigation system, 
live flowering plants 
486 x 486 x 256 inches 
1234.4 x 1234.4 x 650.2 cm 
© Jeff Koons 




stainless steel, wood (at Arolsen only), soil, geotextile fabric, internal irrigation system, 
live flowering plants 
486 x 486 x 256 inches 
1234.4 x 1234.4 x 650.2 cm 
© Jeff Koons 


stainless steel, wood (at Arolsen only), soil, geotextile fabric, internal irrigation system, 
live flowering plants 
486 x 486 x 256 inches 
1234.4 x 1234.4 x 650.2 cm 
© Jeff Koons 


stainless steel, wood (at Arolsen only), soil, geotextile fabric, internal irrigation system, 
live flowering plants 
486 x 486 x 256 inches 
1234.4 x 1234.4 x 650.2 cm 
© Jeff Koons 


stainless steel, wood (at Arolsen only), soil, geotextile fabric, internal irrigation system, 
live flowering plants 
486 x 486 x 256 inches 
1234.4 x 1234.4 x 650.2 cm 
© Jeff Koons 


stainless steel, wood (at Arolsen only), soil, geotextile fabric, internal irrigation system, 
live flowering plants 
486 x 486 x 256 inches 
1234.4 x 1234.4 x 650.2 cm 
© Jeff Koons 


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